Our Hosts: Richard & Janet Oliver

The history of our remodeled, updated “Waters Edge Motel” started in 1952 on the bank of the Gravois Arm at the ten-mile mark on the west side of the Lake of the Ozarks in the Town of Gravois Mills.

This facility was constructed as “Fireproof” with Ozark stone and concrete floor; roof and concrete block walls in the design style of a Hotel/Motel. The motel was modern for its time, offering all conveniences of the day. Coin operated air conditioners and televisions were provided for guests comfort. (It is unknown if the beds had magic fingers) Cowboys and Indians were big in the 1950’s so the name “Apache Motel” was chosen and Mary B. Shipley was the manager.

In the early 1970’s Mr. James Macri and Gordon Stallings purchased the motel and set out to update it. Out went the coin operated equipment, in came the orange shag carpet, with gold painted walls and orange accessories; it was very modern for the day. James and Gordon changed the name to the “Spring Lake Lodge.” They purchased the house next door and built a large store building to sell their world class antiques.

In fall 2001, Bob Swengrosh came to Gravois Mills after his retirement. Finding the Gravois Mills area to have calm and quiet water with beautiful views, Bob purchased the old motel property. Knowing the arduous task ahead of a complete remodel, Bob asked for the help of Robin Norman. Out the door went everything and through our non-stop work and the building filled with contractors; the motel was ready for the new millennium.

Opening in the spring of 2002, guests found all the amenities to accommodate vacationers and travelers, be it for a multi-day stay or just for overnight, the new “Waters Edge Motel” was ready. Each year the facility and its amenities are updated – YES, we try hard to meet standards just like the big boy chain motels – just for your enjoyment.

In Sept 15, 2017 Richard and Janet Oliver Purchased the Motel. “We are going to strive to make this your best vacation place at the lake.”

We wish to welcome you to the “Water’s Edge Motel” as the name continues the tradition as a fun-filled family vacation motel.